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ELMAR's offer includes a wide range of services related to metal processing. It is intended all businesses and individual customers interested in obtaining the highest-quality products or in repairs of machines and equipment in professional conditions. One of our specialties is manufacturing of parts for machines of all types. This type of specialization demonstrates our ability to meet high precision standards and guarantee compliance with the strictest technological standards at all times.


Naturally, repairs of machines and equipment, and production of parts for machines are not the only elements of our offer, because it includes practically all possible combinations of activities and processes that fit within the parameters of our machine tools. These parameters are listed in the tabs that describe our services in detail.

What can you expect from cooperation with Elmar?


Quick fulfillment of orders!
The normal lead time is usually 7 to 30 days, depending on the type and size of the order.
In emergencies (failure repairs), we make every effort to complete all work / repair the failure in the shortest possible time.

Acceptance of non-standard orders!

Most of our machines have parameters that are quite unique, yet often sought after. As a result, we are able to manufacture oversized and non-standard items. For example, we perform turning of items up to 4 m long with diameters of ø = 1,050 mm and milling of items with the dimensions of up to 5 m × 1,000 mm.


The best professionals!

Elmar hires only carefully selected personnel, whose competences are confirmed by such documents as:

  • current welding qualifications;
  • master craftsman’s diplomas;
  • vocational training instructor’s diplomas; and
  • university diplomas.

Our employees constantly improve their qualifications by attending various courses and training sessions.

The highest quality!

We work on modern numerical control machines. We have world-class measuring equipment. Our products are able to compete with catalog products from renowned brands!


Special requirements!

Thanks to Elmar's long-standing cooperation with reliable partners, we can meet all requirements. Our products can go through the following processes:

  • blackening;
  • glass bead blasting;
  • anodizing;
  • nitriding;
  • carbonitriding;
  • tempering;
  • zinc-coating; and
  • painting (also powder coating).

On request, we put marks on the products with the use of a laser marking machine.

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