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Manual and CNC turning

Depending on the characteristics of orders, we perform turning on manual or computer-controlled machines. We have modern lathes that ensure precise machining of all alloys commonly used in many branches of the industry. Our machine tools have a wide range of operational capabilities, which enable us to perform even the most complicated technological processes, as well as to meet the stringent requirements in terms of accuracy class and surface roughness.

Our offer includes turning long surfaces, both external and internal.

Turning parameters

  • manual turning: max. up to ø = 1,050 mm × 4,000 mm and ø = 1,700 mm × 500 mm;
  • CNC turning: max. up to ø = 830 mm × 4,000 mm and ø = 1,100 mm × 500 mm;
  • boring (hole enlargement or quality improvement): a 1,250 mm × 1,250 mm table.


Machining by milling offers a wider range of possibilities than turning for achieving the desired shapes. The main reason is that the rotary motion responsible for cutting is performed by the tool, i.e. the milling cutter, while the feed motion - depending on the machine settings - can be performed by both the cutter and the workpiece. The milling machines at Elmar are used for production of most metal parts, semi-finished products, and ordered items required in all sectors of the industry.


Milling parameters

  • general milling: up to 5,000 mm × 1,000 mm;
szlifowanie stali

Steel grinding


Grinding of machined surfaces makes it possible to achieve a high degree of accuracy in terms of the desired shapes, dimensional precision, and the required roughness class. Thanks to the modern technologies used in our plant, we are able to achieve high production efficiency and excellent quality of processing, while maintaining a fast pace of production.

Grinding parameters

  • surface grinding: 1,000 mm × 400 mm;
  • hole grinding: ø = 330 mm × 200 mm;
  • shaft grinding: ø = 320 mm × 2,500 mm.


By gouging we can make products of all shapes that are difficult to make in rotary machining. These include gear teeth, cams, and keyways. The cutter is attached to a slide which performs a reciprocating motion in the vertical or horizontal position. Gouging, as a process supplementary to turning and milling, ensures comprehensive machining at our plant and allows fulfillment of even very complicated and unusual orders.

Gouging parameters: stroke 400 mm.

obróbka skrawaniem

Machining on machining centers (CNC)


Elmar's machining centers enable fast and precise operations with multiple tools in a single production process. Changes in material alignment, change of tools, and adjustment of speed, feed, and all other settings are carried out automatically according to the program entered. During a single clamping of a material in the CNC, it is possible to carry out all kinds of machining operations, such as turning, milling, drilling, reaming, threading, etc.


Our machining centers have the following parameters:

  • x = 1,000 mm, y = 500 mm, z = 400 mm
  • x = 800 mm, y = 400 mm, z = 400 mm
  • x = 2,000 mm, y = 500 mm, z = 400 mm

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